How Important are your Attitude and Effort?

How Important are your Attitude and Effort?

Dear Fellow Parents,

I have had the opportunity to teach and be around many different types of children, I’ve seen many different personalities and the one thing you can probably guess is that they are all different and that is what makes them unique.

And while all children are different many of them have very similar characteristics about how they act and behave, put forth effort or not, get frustrated easily, have anger issues, etc.

What is the key to getting children to be what you want or to be the child that you envision them to be? I believe it comes down to Attitude, Effort and YOU.

ATTITUDE: By attitude I believe it is how they think about themselves and the things they do. Their attitude is helping to control their life and it can either be good or bad. So how can we get our children to have better attitudes and to think better about themselves?

Show them that you’re interested in the things they do and how they do them. When they come home from school or karate class what do you do? Do you ask them what they learned at school today? What was the best part of their day so far? Ask questions that they can relate to. Don’t let them give you one word answers, dig for more, show them that you care and that you want to know how their day went. Get them to talk about themselves, it’s important to know what is happening with your child. Good or bad, and dig, dig, dig. Get excited when they tell you things that are good, and help them to understand when things aren’t so good.

Help them to understand that it is very important to think positively about what they do and how they do it. Provide motivation for what they do and completing the tasks you ask of them. Let them know that what they just did was important to you and you appreciate their effort in doing it. 

Watch how you speak. Children will model their parents, so what you do they will do. Young children are very influential and you may not realize that they are acting very similar to how you act and behave. Praise your children when it is appropriate and help them to understand how to look at things when they fail or don't do what you have asked them to. 

EFFORT: Effort typically is dictated by failure and success. How many times have you seen a child who is super talented yet go through the motions to only give half effort and you think, wow if they would have just done a little more or tried a little harder they could have easily done that or could have been so much better. But the child is thinking, if I just sit back and take it easy I won’t make a mistake and I won’t fail. Sometimes they are right at the doorstep to success but because they didn’t give it their all they didn’t succeed or they worse yet, they quit.

These things happen more often than we might like to think. Even adults can be right on the cusp of doing something great but they quit and/or stop and then…nothing.

Encourage your child to try new things, to not be afraid to fail, and help them to learn that if they just try their very best that is all that is expected. So, when they fail, and they will fail, don’t criticize but encourage them and help them to learn how to succeed. Again, your attitude will be a huge factor in how they behave and do things.

A child must believe they can do something and you as a parent have to help them believe it. Make sure that your child always tries their best and let them know that failing is good when they are trying to learn. They just have to learn from their mistakes.

Again children will model their parents. Have your child help you with projects and show them that you don’t give up, you always try until you succeed and explain it to them. These things are going to help them want to be like you. If they see you quit or give up then you should know what to expect.

Children don’t come with a user manual and they are all different. Different things work with different kids so just keep working until you find what works with yours. Lastly, your child didn’t get to be the way they are overnight so don’t expect to see change quickly. Work with them, be patient and you’ll start to see the successes that you envision for your child.

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Yours truly for awesome and amazing kids!!

Sensei Randy Kopke

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