You Just Never Know!

You Just Never Know!

Life always seems to present us with innumerable challenges and problems on a daily basis. It throws left hooks when we were expecting right ones; it gives us apples when we desire oranges; it even presents us with seemingly awful surprises that we weren’t expecting, and it bloats us with unresourceful emotions that tend to tie us down to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness.

Despite all this, it is not so much what happens to us that actually makes a difference, it is rather what we do with what happens to us that determines where we will end up, what we will have, and how we will be transformed by our experiences.

Recently I was speaking with one of our parents whose child has shown difficulties in class yet he is there every class and never stops trying even when it is difficult for him. In speaking with Dad he told me how they were discussing that their son was committed to fulfilling their promise of completing the first year of classes and that he cannot quit. Their son said, I don't want to quit, I'm going to keep going. I just love to hear things like this because it is exactly what we want to hear from our students and the attitude we're trying to build. 

It is very easy to strive towards the attainment of our goals and objectives when the oceans are calm and nothing appears to be standing in our way. However, if we are not mentally prepared the moment something begins to stir the waters and rock the boat, we begin to panic and struggle to deal with our circumstances. We see these problems and challenges as larger than life and way beyond our capabilities and means. These events may very well end up, overwhelming us and causing great heartache and hardship. As a result we may end up quitting and throwing in the towel of defeat, all because our resolve wasn’t strong enough to handle the burden associated with our journey towards the attainment of our objectives.

Most times our challenges come from within, we haven't developed that never give up attitude. Learning to believe in oneself is so important. This comes from always giving and receiving positive reinforcement, learning to solve problems and a positive attitude. The other thing that needs to be taught is to get rid of your self-pity, always asking "why" questions.

- Why does this always happen to me?
- Why do I always fail?
- Why is this so difficult for me?
- Why is everyone always better than me?

Whenever you are focusing on your problems, obstacles, and uncontrollable circumstances then you are at that moment focusing on things you don’t want in your life. It is said that whatever you focus on will expand and envelop you in a new reality. Therefore if you continue to focus on the things that you do not want, this will effectively expand the things you do not want within your reality. All your thoughts, actions, behaviors and decisions will create an unresourceful state of weak-thinking that will likewise continue to sabotage your progress towards the attainment of your goals and objectives.

You need to change these questions and thoughts to answers and positivity.

- No matter what I'm not giving up!
- I have to keep looking until I find the right answer!
- I can do anything if I just keep trying!
- I am not a quitter!

These habits are created by being around and with people who support you and not cutting you down and telling you the opposite of what you need to hear. So make sure you surround yourself with friends and family that support you. Changing your story to one that allows yourself to be successful is very important. Do things that challenge yourself but are also attainable. And remember, you WILL experience failure and difficulty. These things are part of life but also they are the way we become stronger because we can never let our losses continue to build, but we just continue to build off of our losses.

Life itself is a journey of self-discovery, and not just a mere combination of small destinations. It is a never-ending journey that has many unexpected turns, twists and surprises that make it worthwhile and fun. When you are facing obstacles and challenges in your life, it is important to understand that you are on a journey, and that no one event or circumstance determines how your journey will pan-out over the course of a week, month, year or longer.

Our obstacles may currently be overwhelming our perceptions, however our perceptions do not make up our reality. What appears to be an overwhelming amount of problems may and most likely are quite temporary. In fact, I guarantee if you persist just a little longer, you will find that great opportunities and wonders are waiting for you just around the corner. You just never know.

Yours for amazing kids and opportunities,


Sensei Randy Kopke

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