Back to School... Already!!

Back to School... Already!!

There are many trends that we notice over the course of the year. We all remember the “whip and the “Nae Nae” of which we are all tired of watching. The infamous “Dab”! Soon followed by bottle flipping and fidget spinners. There is also the pull of summer sports and vacations where some students take a break from Martial Arts before returning after the summer.

The next trend comes with “back to school” season. This season can test even the stoutest of parent and student alike. During this time our children will be stretched intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Because of this, some students become overwhelmed with their new workload or struggle to get back into the swing of things and may even take a break from martial arts. Commonly overlooked are the benefits of actually sticking with martial arts through this transition.

Luckily, our students have a secret weapon to help them better cope with these struggles.

Our focus is teaching with the brain in mind!

All of our classes focus on kids staying sharp and on top of their game via our age specific martial arts classes, not simply just teaching kicking, punching, and character. Hopefully all of our students participated in the Summer of Learning that we were promoting this summer. This is going to play a major role in keeping our students balanced through this tough transition.

One of the things we hear during “back to school” season is how difficult it can be to adapt to the new workload, and often how many students struggle to develop the motivation to keep up. One of the ways sticking with martial arts will help is with what we do in our classes each child sees a new and exciting goal to get their next stripe for their next belt. Setting goals to get their next stripe and then their next belt helps to keep their minds sharp. This goalsetting trend will easily roll into their study habits.

Have you ever noticed when your child was “moody”? Most likely, and while being in the midst of the summer to school transition this may happen more often. This is because they are having to figure out how to balance all the challenges of the new year. What if you could help set them up to manage these emotions? You can and you have! By keeping your children learning all summer and active is huge in their development and going back to school. Going back to school can create some anxiety and stress for some children. But if they have been learning all summer the transition will be much easier for them. Most of our students have been working hard to keep their minds sharp and ready for school when it comes. Also, learning and practicing karate throughout the summer will give them an edge in being prepared for the social and mental aspects of new schools, teachers and classes.

Finally, after sitting all day in a new environment, coming to their martial arts class and getting moving again with a good workout is going to trigger the release of endorphins in their system. This means that they will be feeling more energized, motivated and in control at the end of class. Another key benefit of increased Endorphins is that sleep quality will increase. With a new, most likely earlier wake up time, increased sleep quality will do wonders for your children.

As with all things in life, balance is the key! Not only do we strive to create a fun and safe environment to promote a physical balance but we also use our SKILLZ curriculum and the science & psychology behind every class planner and drill to keep their brains balanced as well. All of this is to reach our end goal of helping every child become the best version of themselves!


Sensei Randy Kopke

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