From Failure to Success

From Failure to Success

Here at Sylvania Family Karate, we love seeing the progress in each of our students as they fly through the air, master that new kick or earn their last skill stripe!

The SKILLZ curriculum is filled with science and psychology that allows our curriculum to specifically target each child's stage of development. This means we are able to provide suitable challenges for their age and ability. As they progress through the ranks, the curriculum begins to become more challenging, which will allow for the opportunity to grow and break through new ceilings.

Sometimes during a particularly challenging skill stripe test, a student may not earn their stripe for that day. Our instructors see this as an opportunity for improvement instead of a failure of application and communicate it as such. It is important for kids of all ages to understand that sometimes a little "extra" work will go a long way and gives us the opportunity to help them learn to see this as an "obstacle to overcome" and not a "roadblock". So while we want to see our students succeed there will be times when they will fail. This is reality and it is also confidence building for when they do succeed.

We are super motivated to see every student succeed which is why we have many options for coaching them along to earn that missing stripe. Options include focused assistance in regular classes, make-up classes, homework, and we can even do private lessons!

Often when a student is missing a stripe on their belt, this alerts the instructor that they need a little extra help on that skill. In the following classes, the instructors will be able to provide the most help to those missing that particular stripe. The option for Make-up classes is also a great tool because if the student only needs a little extra help or repetition, they will be able to get it here.

Our instructors are also very good at breaking down the reasons why the student did not earn the stripe by referencing the physical, intellectual, emotional or social challenge that relates to the skill. Based on this feedback, we are also able to suggest a few things that can be worked on at home to specifically target this skill so that the student will be able to rock it out when we cover that skill again!

Another great option is private lessons! They get to choose their favorite instructor and spend time 1-on-1 with them. This route allows the instructor to maximize the amount of instruction given, which will increase the student's confidence and self-esteem and generate the most results.

Whichever route you choose for your ninja, be sure that we are here to help you along every step of the way! Feel free to drop us a line if you ever have any questions!

Yours Truly for Awesome and Amazing kids,

Sensei Randy

Sylvania Family Karate

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