Martial Arts Builds Character

Martial Arts Builds Character

I get many parents that wonder if martial arts might be a way to teach children how to be violent and hurt others. To be honest, this couldn't be further from the truth. However, you need to have the right mindset when trying to understand what martial arts is really for.

If you ever watched the original Karate Kid movie, Mr. Miyagi had Daniel do chores and many other things that tested his character before really starting to train him. Years and years ago this is exactly how it was for students that wanted to learn martial arts. Mr. Miyagi wanted to know who Daniel was as a person. Was he going to use martial arts for the wrong reasons or was he going to use it to strengthen himself and use it for positive things.

Obviously, in today's world things are quite a bit different but in martial arts it has not changed a whole lot. We still want to teach character first. We want our students to understand that martial arts is for self-defense and that you use martial arts to build your confidence and internal spirit to succeed in life. Our students are taught about having a great attitude in the face of adversity and to take challenges head-on. If you always try your best you will eventually succeed.

There are many ways that martial arts can help a person. Here is a list of a few of them.

Confidence: When training in martial arts you become a more confident person and it can strengthen your resolve. Confidence allows children to experience failure yet keep on moving forward and not be afraid of it. The courage that is developed within our students is amazing to me sometimes. 

Perseverance: In martial arts it is important to know that to become a black belt takes many years of practice and hard work. These skills are incredibly valuable as children grow to become responsible adults.

Respect: This is one of the most important things that martial arts can provide. Treating others the way you want to be treated. Martial arts is a great way to help children to learn and understand how to act and how to treat others. 

Self-Control: This is a very important character trait that martial arts helps to build. Learning to control our emotions when tasks are difficult or we're challenged with making a good decision is learned. We teach our students to make sure they are always trying their best no matter how difficult the circumstances are. Also, being able to control their emotions when they don't get what they want. 

As you can see martial arts is not so much about punching and kicking but lessons learned that will teach them how to act, how to succeed and how to become responsible leaders among their peers and community. 

My true feeling is that if everyone did martial arts our world would be a much different place. One is which there would be more harmony among all people and one that would be more peaceful. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog for this week and it has helped you to learn a little more about what Martial Arts is really about.

Yours Truly for Awesome and Amazing Kids!

Sensei Randy Kopke

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