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Martial Arts Training That Is Fun For All Ages!

High-Quality Training For All Ages

Welcome to Sylvania Family Karate, where we're proudly serving families across our community with high-quality training and tons of fun. Our programs are led by 4th Degree Black Belt Randy Kopke and we bring that expertise to everything we do. But we also maintain a family-friendly environment where you can feel welcome from day one. We believe in Karate's ability to impact every aspect of your life and we're excited to share those benefits with you. Fill out the short form on your screen to check out everything we have to offer. We’d love to show you around and let you see it for yourself!

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My son is ADHD and was struggling in school. We put him in Karate to help his confidence and self-esteem. We also wanted him to work on focus and positive attitude. Randy, Patricia, and Ian have been just amazing. Now, my son is getting all A's and his attitude and focus is excellent. Sylvania Family Karate is worth checking out to see if they are the right fit for your child.

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Jill R.

As a teacher, I appreciate meaningful lessons.  Everything taught at this dojo has a loftier purpose; here, the staff makes every minute count.  Whether one is trying to earn his/her black belt, learn self-defense, get in shape, build his or her confidence, or become more disciplined, there is no time squandered.  The owners and teachers take their craft seriously.  It is evident they have "put in the time" with their own training and pedagogy, and the result is a martial arts school that is a wonderful mix of physicality, spirituality, ideology, and education.  As my high school students would say, "this is legit."

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Monni T.

Being a part of Sylvania Family Karate has been such a positive experience!  I'm learning a very valuable skill and am in better shape than ever before - all while having fun!  The instructors are fantastic and the other students are a blast.  I've never regretted starting up classes with them and have only ever benefitted and grown from my time here.

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Rebecca L.

We love Sylvania family karate!  All instructors are wonderful and so patient with the kids.  Our daughter loves the classes and is learning important life skills.  We would recommend Sylvania family karate to everyone!!

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Katy W.

I always wanted to learn self-defense and karate as an adult. I was always intimidated of karate and felt too old to learn as an adult. Instructors are wonderful and will push you so you can achieve a level of excellence for yourself and you will learn how to defend yourself. Sylvania Family Karate will improve your body, strength, mind, and focus. You will learn so much and the instructors are truly wonderful! If you ever thought about learning karate as an adult stop by! New people are always starting! The atmosphere is welcoming and encouraging! Thank you SFK!

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Lisa S.

Terrific, caring instructors. All 3 of my kids attend classes here. They enjoy the classes and are encouraged to work hard. They are taught karate as well as life lessons, such as respect, perseverance, and courage Fantastic place!!

Kids Martial Arts Toledo

Amy E.

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