How You Start Your Morning is Important

How You Start Your Morning is Important

Most times children do what we allow them to get away with. It is natural for children to push the limits with which they know they can go and then they’ll try to go one more inch. Then the next thing you know, they are pushing for one more inch, and then another, and so on and so on.

What is most important is to create proper habits. We have many amazing families that bring their children to us so that we can assist them in attaining their goals and creating those ever so valuable things called habits. Habits are created at home and in everything else they do. These habits are going to help them succeed in life but they have to be carefully attended to.

You may be creating poor habits and not even realize it. When you give in to a child or don’t stick to your word you are creating a habit that the child can see and will use more and more.

I don’t know how many times I have heard a parent say, “I wish I could get my child to do that at home”. You can, it’s all about the habits you create. It’s mostly about their routines and attitudes that you cultivate.

So how do you create the right habits and attitudes for children? Here are some helpful ideas.

How You Start Your Day – I’m just not a morning person. How many times have you heard that? It’s just an excuse to not get up and to have a poor attitude. They are already allowing negative thoughts to creep into their minds. The next thing you're going to hear is "I hate school", why do I have to go to school anyway. The first part of each day is where you set the habits to be high achieving and successful children. Getting enough sleep and being ready for their day is vitally important but how you get up is also very important.

So what can you do? And how?  Here are a few tips:

1. Take Care of YOU First - Make sure you get to bed, wake early and are fully ready, energized and excited before the kids even get up. A quick energizing workout to get your heart rate up can be huge for you to be in this state. It doesn't take long but it can make a huge difference.

2. Get Them Up Strong - Get them out of bed right away.  Now you should be doing this already, but teach your kids to set their own alarm clock and to get up the first time it goes off. The snooze button is the worst thing ever. Why do kids let their parents nag them to get up?  Because they can!  Start a new morning ritual by teaching them to get up strong.  All highly successful people have one thing in common - they get up early, they get up strong, they have a strong morning routine, and they start their day energized and excited.

3. Get Excited - This is one where you can only lead by example. If you start your day out with excitement and energy this is bound to carry over to them. Excitement and energy are infectious. Watch our classes at the dojo and see how even the most laid back and quiet kids become energetic, starts smiling and just having fun. It’s all about the energy and enthusiasm you create. I know it’s hard sometimes when your children aren’t listening or doing what you ask them to but try to remain calm and excited. I guarantee they will start to be and act differently if you just lead by example.

4. Schedules and Routines – Schedules and routines are very important so make sure that you are starting on time and following the schedule as closely as possible. Most of the stress of a school morning is caused by one thing - being late.  So at first allot extra time, then later run your morning with more structure and efficiency. (This is another success habit altogether.  Leaders are precise.  They are not sloppy or lax.) 

5. Gratitude and the Big Picture - When you catch yourself thinking this is too hard or "why", just remember this - you have one of the greatest gifts in the world and one of the greatest responsibilities in the world:  Your child.  Take a very deep breath and go into your heart and remember how lucky you are.  Go to gratitude. Then look into your child's face, then do this;  remind yourself that the greatest thing you can do as a parent is replaced these frantic moments with moments where you just "emotionally connect" with your child.  Let them make crazy pancakes with you in the morning.  Put a special note in their lunchbox.  Sing a silly song together at breakfast.  Do a crazy dance on the way to the bus stop.  Let them intentionally wear a set of unmatched socks.  This is what every child needs most from you - for you to be fully present with just a moment of emotional connection.  Do this and your children will look forward to getting up and it will touch in you what is truly the most important thing you can give them as a parent. are you in? Are you ready to step up?  Are you ready to raise your standard?

Here is the best part...while you're working on developing your child, you are really becoming a better person yourself.

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Yours Truly for successful and amazing kids,

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